Kwanzaa Food and Decor

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As soon as we went down the escalator in the campus center, I knew that we had arrived at the right place for the Kwanzaa celebration.  By the door were a bunch of balloons of the colors green, red, and black; the Kwanzaa colors.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked through the auditorium doors, but the
decor of the room encompassed what is viewed as traditional decorations for such a celebration.  Not only were their additional bunches of balloons set up in front of the stage, but there were also multiple tables set up around the room each with either a green, red, or black tablecloth.  Streamers of the appropriate colors were also draped along the front of the stage as well as across the podium.  There were eight different African tapestries hung up along the walls of the auditorium, with mainly orange and brown colors.  A main table was set up in the front of the room holding a Mishumaa Saba, seven candles representing the seven ideals by which the African people are urged to live by (  The table also contained multiple African dolls and statues and the symbols of Kwanzaa.

It wouldn’t be an authentic celebration without food of course.  I was expecting there to be a lot of ethnic African food, but was very much surprised to find that there was all typical American food.  The event was catered by UMass Catering, which is located upstairs in the campus center.  The selection included macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, fried chicken, rice, collard greens, rolls, and cornbread.  I wouldn’t be able to accurately report on the food without tasting it myself of course.  I thought that it was decent,
but definitely not one of the greatest meals I have had.

The Kwanzaa celebration met some of my expectations but definitely surprised me in the food area.  It probably isn’t something that I would ever attend again or in my own free time, but it was interesting to experience something new and to observe the scenery that I was placed in.


A “Normal” Thanksgiving

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Everyone does something different for Thanksgiving, but the most prominent similarity of each person’s holiday is spending it with family and/or friends.  Although my family is pretty disfunctional, I would like to think that every year we have a fairly typical American Thanksgiving, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  We usually have a fairly large Thanksgiving with my Mom, Dad, three sisters, brother-in-law, and two nieces.  However, this year my Mom didn’t invite my Dad and my sister and her husband had Thanksgiving with his parents.  So it was a small Thanksgiving with just my mom, two of my sisters, and myself.  Although it was smaller than usual, it was still just as nice to be able to sit down and have a nice dinner with my family.  It ended up being a dual holiday for me.  It was also my niece Nora’s third birthday, so after we had dinner and played a couple of board games (we are extremely competitive) we went to celebrate with Nora.  I was able to see my Dad at my sister’s house which was nice.

A lot of family’s gather around the tv watching football before dinner, and then stay in afterwards.  They digest and then eat their apple or pumpkin pies and sit around the fire together.  My family however, ate their ice cream cake; and we liked it.  As I said before, everyone does something for Thanksgiving.  Having divorced parents, and a sister with her own family, it sometimes makes it difficult to be able to spend time with my entire family on Thanksgiving, but it was done in our own way.  Check out the photos from my Thanksgiving:

Youtube on the Tube

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I have always found it amazing just how fast the news of certain things that are on the internet can travel.  Last summer my boyfriend showed me this extremely funny video.  Check it out:

A couple weeks ago on a recent episode of Family Guy, there is a scene wear Stewie is reinacting this same video.  I wasn’t aware that the video that I had been shown several months ago had such an effect that the makers of Family Guy found it worthy of making fun of.  I am happy they did though, because it really is a funny video.  I was watching this episode with a couple of friends and they didn’t understand what family guy was referencing.  I then showed them the original video from youtube and they passed it on to other people that they know.  Eventually all 40 people in my house were very aware of the video and talking about it.  It is crazy how the internet and its contents is so often the topic of conversation and that it is so easy for it to travel, especially when a popular television show references it.  Check out the Family Guy version:

My Local News

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Since I live in such a small little farm town, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good source of local news.  One of the only sources available to us is through MetroWest Daily News.  The newspaper also has a website ( with stories from the paper plus additional stories available.  I was actually surprised by the amount of local stories that it had, and that it definitely had a significant number more than the newspaper.  I was also surprised that it had a blog section, which seems to be a sort of new development for news sites, and I didn’t think that such a small source would also include a blog section.  The stories were listed with small blurbs underneath the titles explaining what the articles are about.  It is definitely easy to navigate around the site since it has tabs at the top of the page for different sections of the news.  Even though this local newspaper includes my town in its section, I often find that I am unable to find any stories about my town in the newspaper.  However, I was easily able to find a few on the website.  I definitely would have liked to see more photographs on the home page of the site.  It seemed a little boring just to look at and wasn’t very appealing to the eye.  The site definitely exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it wasn’t going to be as informative as the newspaper and that it wouldn’t be a real big part of my local news, but I definitely think that it was a fairly nice website and that they were probably working with a reasonable income.

Reality vs. Fiction

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In high school, I used to have a number of television shows that I would religiously follow, and it would be a crime if I missed a single episode.  I just had to keep up with what was going on in The OC and One Tree Hill.  However, I have just realized that I now only have one show that I watch on a weekly basis, and it’s not because I am a busy college student (which is true anyhow), but because of the lack of good watchable shows on tv.  It seems as if every time I turn on the tv there always pops up a reality tv show.  A lot of these are contest shows or have some sort of incentive.  I feel like the success of these shows is because you don’t have to keep up with them.  It is definitely possible to miss one week of a reality show, and still tune in the follow week and be able to catch up and understand what is going on.  It might sound like I hate reality tv, but the truth is, I usually find myself being sucked into it.  I don’t have to religiously keep track of when they are on, because I can easily catch up and because they seem to constantly be replayed.  But the truth is, I miss following the drama of good fictional television.

Palin Can’t Escape

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A vast number of people were relieved by the election of Barack Obama not only because they wanted him to win, but because this has been such a draining election.  Right when I thought I had escaped all McCain and Palin antics, on my comcast homepage that comes up everytime I use the internet that has some news stories, up pops a picture of Sarah Palin with the title “Sarah Palin Talks Turkey.”  Oh no, it’s not over yet.  Just the title alone makes Palin sound strange for being at a turkey farm.  It’s almost Thanksgiving, how is that weird at all?  The only thing that was remotely funny about the video was a man in the backround holding a dead turkey by the feet and looking back at the camera.  Palin mentions in the video that it was nice to be out of the light of the media and it’s criticism, but that even this visit to the farm would probably bring about criticism for her.  Well she was right!  Check out the video:

The Big Picture

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I feel that for a blog from I expected it to be extremely professional and informative.  Although it was professional, it wasn’t exceptionally informative.  The blog posts were extremely short, and basically just talked about what the photo accompanying it was about.  A lot of the posts weren’t even about important news and wasn’t really anything that people need to be aware of.  One post was about how at the University of Michigan they made a set of electron microscope images of carbon nanotube structures depicting Barack Obama.  I really don’t think this qualifies as important news.  The name of the blog, The Big Picture, is definitely an appropriate name, seeing as how the pictures take up the majority of the news site.  Although the pictures are visually appealing and displays some really good photography, I don’t think it is necessary to make the photos so large that it barely fits on my entire computer screen.  I overall didn’t think this blog was anything special because I don’t learn anything from it and I’m really just not that interested in photos alone.